Ace is a renewable energy initiative which has been launched across several North West European countries.
Ace promotes the importance of renewable energy in the everyday life of citizens, businesses and local government – the idea is, if the right information is supplied, more people will use renewable energy. Ace supports the fact that renewable energy is necessity for our future.

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  • Energy Smart Initiative

    The Ace Award for Energy-Smart Municipalities recognised pioneering or innovative approaches to sustainable energy ranging from a forward-thinking approach to retrofitting to the implementation of an ambitious energy management policy.

  • Energy Neutral Village

    The Ace Award for Energy-Neutral Village was open to villages or communities who have taken steps towards becoming independent of fossil fuels and using carbon-neutral energy sources in their day-to-day lives.

  • Renewable Energy

    The  Ace Award for Community-Based Renewable Energy was open to community groups and organisations that have successfully implemented or initiated a specific renewable energy project.

  • Ace Awards

    The Ace Awards recognised initiatives, organisations and projects in the field of renewable energy and energy transition in three specifiic categories: Energy-Neutral Village, Community-Based Renewable Energy & Energy-Smart Municipalities.

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