Ace is a renewable energy initiative which has been launched across several North West European countries.
Ace promotes the importance of renewable energy in the everyday life of citizens, businesses and local government – the idea is, if the right information is supplied, more people will use renewable energy. Ace supports the fact that renewable energy is necessity for our future.

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Ace (Academy of Champions for Energy), its remit, objectives and Academy Awards contest for sustainable energy communities.


The Academy of Champions of Energy

Ace aims to promote Renewable Energy. This will be achieved through the development of a transnational academy, bringing together public and private agencies to champion renewable and sustainable energy.

The partnership brings together 4 distinct capability sets, through Ace:

  • ICT capabilities for energy smart cities, villages & regions.

  • 100% energy self-sufficiency in a village.

  • Community-based renewable energy technologies.

  • New business models for sustainable energy.

These combined capabilities will demonstrate and promote renewable energy among local authorities, business and citizen communities in a manner that would not happen without the Academy. The Energy Champions are existing innovative energy agencies who successfully champion the cause of sustainable energy in their regions and have complementary transferable skills to share through the Academy. When Energy Champions come together they will make things happen through collaboration. The key objectives of the Academy are to build the capacity of its members, networking with other external organisations while also stimulating and shaping scientific and political discussions.

Academy Awards

  • Derp