Ace is a renewable energy initiative which has been launched across several North West European countries.
Ace promotes the importance of renewable energy in the everyday life of citizens, businesses and local government – the idea is, if the right information is supplied, more people will use renewable energy. Ace supports the fact that renewable energy is necessity for our future.

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What are the Ace Awards?

Ace Awards

Ace Awards

The Ace Awards took place throughout 2014 to recognise initiatives, organisations and projects in the field of renewable energy and energy transition. Preliminary competitions were initially held in each region: Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Winners from each of the 3 categories from each region qualified for the high-profile European Academy Awards finale, which was held on the 28th of November in Arnhem, the Netherlands. See below for details on the winners in each category. All finalists will become energy champions and an integral addition to the Academy of Champions for Energy.

There are 3 categories:
1) Best Energy-Smart Initiative
2) Energy Neutral Village
3) Community Based Renewable Energy

Academy Awards

  • Best Energy-Smart Initiative

    This Ace Award category is open to local authorities (either council-wide, by department or even by an individual) and recognises pioneering or innovative approaches to sustainable energy. This can range from a unique energy awareness campaign, a forward-thinking approach to retrofitting, inclusion of renewable energy technology, improvements to existing energy-management techniques to the implementation of an ambitious energy management policy. This category recognises the efforts by a local authority to become more energy-smart in how it operates on a day-to-day basis and is run in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

  • Energy Neutral Village

    This Ace Award category is open to villages or communities of approx. 500-5,000 inhabitants, which demonstrate the steps taken towards becoming independent of fossil fuels and using carbon neutral energy sources in their day to day lives. The submission may consist of an elaborated plan on specific actions or projects for saving energy, using energy more efficiently and independently generating sustainable or renewable energy in the village. This category is run in the Netherlands, Belgium and France.

  • Community Based Renewable Energy

    This Ace Award category is open to local and regional initiators, groups and organisations that have successfully implemented or initiated a specific renewable energy project. Contestants should demonstrate a community approach to renewable energy sources like sun, wind, water, biomass and geothermal or residual heat thermal. This category is run in the Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium and France.