Ace is a renewable energy initiative which has been launched across several North West European countries.
Ace promotes the importance of renewable energy in the everyday life of citizens, businesses and local government – the idea is, if the right information is supplied, more people will use renewable energy. Ace supports the fact that renewable energy is necessity for our future.

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The ACE Awards Guide 2014 provides an overview of all regional finalists and introduces the international judges.

ACE Awards Guide 2014

ACE Awards Guide 2014

ACE Awards Guide 2014

This ACE award guide brings the various regional energy champions to the attention of other interested groups and organisations in Europe. New partnerships formed in the current EU programme period (2014-2020) will help to prevent the acquired knowledge and experience within Interreg IVB ACE from being lost.

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To download the full Guide on the Ace Awards 2014, please click here.

About the ACE Awards

The ACE Awards recognise initiatives, organisations and projects in the field of renewable energy and energy transition. The purpose of the Awards ceremony is to encourage and draw attention to inspiring pioneers in this movement. As a
competition between local energy champions, the Awards are aimed at accelerating the uptake of renewable energy at a local level. Preliminaries are held in each of the participating regions: Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Belgium and the
Netherlands. The regional winners in each of the 3 ACE categories then qualify to enter the high-profile European Academy Awards finale.