Ace is a renewable energy initiative which has been launched across several North West European countries.
Ace promotes the importance of renewable energy in the everyday life of citizens, businesses and local government – the idea is, if the right information is supplied, more people will use renewable energy. Ace supports the fact that renewable energy is necessity for our future.

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Read about the three investment projects our Ace partners are involved in across Europe.

Ace Investment Projects

Ace Investment Projects

Click on the images to your right to learn more about the ACE investment projects.

The 5Cube

Renewable Energy Smart Feature, Dublin, Ireland

  • The 5Cube is a renewable energy design feature, which was launched on Friday, 19th June 2015 by Dublin City Council and Codema at Hanover Quay in Dublin’s Docklands. This new landmark is co-funded by Ace through the INTERREG IVB NWE programme and is a physical interpretation of how much oil Ireland is consuming every five minutes. It is the first installation of its kind to send a powerful message about Ireland’s dependency on fossil fuels and the need to switch to renewable energy sources.

    The 5Cube has been constructed with durable, shiny black glass to convey the concept of oil.  It is self-sufficient through solar photovoltaic panels powering the screen and an LED illumination. It also features a giant kaleidoscope on one side and a periscope on the other, both of which show the reflection of the sky as a constant reminder of our ever-changing weather which delivers renewable sources like solar and wind energy. Inscribed on the 5Cube is text saying ‘We consume this cube of oil in Ireland every five minutes’.


Loenen Village

Towards energy neutrality by 2050, Loenen Village, Netherlands

  • Loenen is located in the municipality of Apeldoorn, about 10 km southeast of the city. The village was announced as the winner of the Dutch “Energetic Villages” competition back in July 2013.

    The inhabitants of this village has received a budget to invest in renewable energy so that it can work towards becoming an energy-neutral village.

    Loenen village is starting the ‘energy transition’ journey with a holistic approach, encompassing the reduction of energy demand and increased local energy production with a strong focus on citizens & local business participation. The Loenen project involves the purchase & installation of 430 solar panels, generation & auxiliary equipment for the generation of 4kW hydropower at the water mill, upgrade (insulation) energy performance of buildings & local industrial plant and renovation materials.